Mail Servers: Up Web Servers: Up
DNS Servers: Up FTP Servers: Up

GBLX Backbones: Up
ATT/BLS Backbones: Up
XO Backbones: Up

Internet Traffic: Check

4/12/2012 (network switch): 11 dedicated servers experienced outage on 11:50 PM and started recovering from 12:56 AM. All servers restored on 3:16 AM

1/10/2012 (Windows web server): One of our windows web servers was intermittently down due to an IP mix-up. This is resolved and corrective action has been taken.

9/20/2011 (Mail server): One of our mail servers had an unnecessary service start which caused a lot of disk activity. This disk activity led to problems getting mail for a short period this morning. It is now resolved.

8/29/2011 (Tropical Storm): After a tropical storm came through, our parking lot was flooded and power was out for about 1 hour. Power has just been restored, and all servers have been verified OK. We will continue monitoring the servers throughout the day.

8/24/2011 (Mail server): One of our mail servers lost connectivity for a few minutes today due to a peering problem with a single provider. Traffic is being re-routed and will be back up as soon as possible. Update: Network traffic restored at 15:37.

7/25/2011 (Frontpage server): A Frontpage server went down today. Several bad blocks developed in one of the data drives. We restored the data to a new hard drive and the server is back online.

7/15/2011 (Circuit/Router): One of our circuits went down today due to workers working on building power without informing us. When power was restored, one of the routers was restarted and needed reconfiguration. It's back up and customers were kept informed.

5/16/2011 (Mail Server): One of our mail servers will be restarted today at 5PM for 1-2 minutes for regular maintenance. (Done.)

4/29/2011 (Phones): Phones may experience some weirdness today while Verizon moves our numbers are moved to our new facility. (Our telephone numbers remain the same, they're just being moved across the street.) You can always email us at if you need help. (Phones are tested and working.)

4/20/2011 (Web Servers): Between 4/20 and 4/29 we will be physically moving several web servers to a new facility. There will be 15-30 minutes of downtime per server as we move them and verify connectivity in the new location. Customers who have web sites on these servers will be informed. Update: All production servers are moved successfully.

4/18/2011 (Mail Server): One of our mail servers is scheduled for migration to new hardware on Saturday, 4/23/2011, starting at 11pm. There will be 15-30 minutes of downtime. This migration will result in slightly better performance at peak hours.

3/28/2011 (Mail Server): One of our mail servers became unavailable at 8:50AM. We're checking into it. Update: There was a network routing problem resolved within 20 minutes. Server is now available to all customers.

3/23/2011 (Web Server): A handful of customers will not be able to update their site as we move their domains to newer hardware. The sites remain up but not updatable. We're working to complete the transfer ASAP. (Complete)

6/11/2010 (Mail Servers): There was a 10 minute unplanned outage on one of our mail servers today, at 8:45AM. Update: There are continuing intermittent outages due to network traffic on this mail server. It's being worked on. Update: As of 12:32PM it's back up. We will continue monitoring and don't forsee any additional outages at this time.

3/26/2010 (Mail Servers): Two mail servers are scheduled for upgrades beginning after 15:00 today. Mail will continue to be delivered during this time, but you may see a few duplicate messages if you're leaving copies of old mail on the server. (Update: Complete as of 16:30)

1/11/2010 (Web Statistic Reports): Web statistics reports will be unavailable for some customers for a few days while we migrate to a new statistics system. If you need your statistics immediately please let us know and we'll get you your report. (Update: Reports are up.)

12/7/2009 (Web and Mail Servers): A couple of Verizon customers had trouble getting to one of our mail servers. If you are one of these customers, feel free to call Verizon and conference us in. This will help get it resolved faster. Update: It's fixed 5:24PM 7DEC2009. Please let us know if you still have trouble.

8/11/2009 (Web and Mail Servers): We had an extended power outage Sunday morning which resulted in a web server and a mail server having extended downtime. Both servers are back up and customers have been notified.

2/5/2009 (Mail Servers): One of our mail servers is scheduled for hardware upgrades between 5-6PM ET Friday 2/5/2009. There will be no downtime, but to avoid duplicate mail, please ensure "Leave a copy of mail on server" is turned off while the server is upgraded. Also, please ensure you connect directly to the mail server and not to an IP address. Finally, please reboot your computer to ensure your DNS cache is cleared and you're seeing the new server. Please call or email us if you have any questions. (Maintenance complete.)

11/4/2008 (Web and Mail Servers): One of our T1 carriers will upgrade router software on 11/4/2008, between 1:30-2:30AM ET. This means there may be an up-to-1 hour outage during this early morning period. We will put a note here when the maintenance is complete. (Done.)

10/23/2008 (Web Server): We will upgrade one of our Windows web servers with quadruple the RAM at 17:00 today. We will put a note here when the maintenance is complete. (Done.)

10/10/2008 (Web Server): We will update software on one of our web servers between 17:00 and 18:00 Friday evening. There will be 5-10 minutes of downtime, and then the server will be back to normal. (Done.)

8/29/2008 (Web Server): We will be upgrading one of our web servers between 17:00 and 18:00 Friday evening. There will be no downtime, but you may be unable to update your site until the upgrade is complete. (Done.)

6/10/2008 (Web Server): We will be upgrading software on one of our web servers between 17:00 and 18:00 this evening. Downtime will be kept below 15 minutes. (Done.)

6/5/2008 (Web Server): We will be replacing one of the drives in one of our web servers between 17:00 and 18:00 this evening. Downtime will be kept below 15 minutes. (Drive replaced successfully.)

12/7/2007 (Mail Server): One of our mail servers is experiencing random freezes. We replaced the hardware at 18:15 today. If you leave a copy of mail on the server, you may experience duplicate mail. Please email or call us if you have any questions.

11/13/2007 (Mail and Web Servers): We corrected a router problem which affected one mail and two web servers. Everything is back to normal.

10/17/2007 (NY/NJ Dialups): We're experiencing routing loss and failures to authenticate through our New York/New Jersey dialup numbers. (Fixed as of 9:11AM.)

5/24/2007 (Web server): At 4:28AM, a web server stopped accepting input. We replaced a defective RAID card and it's been stable now for over 14 hours. We also doubled the memory in the machine.

4/10/2007 (Mail servers): Some users had trouble receiving mail this morning due to a denial of service attack. We blocked the offending IP.

3/23/2007 (Power Outage): Two web servers lost power for an extended period early this morning, because the BIOS on each wasn't set correctly. We corrected the problem.

3/22/2007 (Mail Servers): We're upgrading webmail on several mail servers Thursday and Friday. You may experience some user interface glitches or inability to access webmail during this time. (Done)

3/8/2007 (Web Servers): Over the next two days, we will be switching two web servers over to a new T1 circuit. This means the servers will get new IP addresses. (Done)

2/16/2007 (Web Servers): One of our web servers was down for almost 4 hours this morning because it was trying to boot from the wrong drive after a scheduled restart. This is fixed and the server is up.

2/1/2007 (Dialups): All dialup usernames have changed from ####username to username@#### - if you have any questions, please contact us.

7/7/2006 (Power Outage): Power is out as of 15:32. Most servers and routers remain up on battery backup, however, some batteries are starting to run out of power. We are working with JCP&L to get power restored as soon as possible. (Update: power fully restored at 17:08)

6/20/2006 (Unix Servers): We will be adding new network cards to 5 Unix servers tomorrow 6/21/2006. This will result in a 5-10 minute outage per server while the cards are installed. (Done)

3/23/2006 (FTP Server): One of our FTP servers has a bad disk that is causing intermittent system hangs. It will be replaced today. (Done)

2/21/2006 (Web Servers): There will be a 20 minute outage while hardware is upgraded on one of our hosting servers. Only a few sites will be affected, and email will remain up. (Done)

10/14/2005 (GBLX Backbone): On Saturday 10/15/2005, between 4-6AM GMT, our carrier will be replacing a processor card. Expected downtime is up to 1 hour. Benefit: increased network availability. (Done)

9/28/2005 (Web Servers): There will be a 15 minute outage while we perform router maintenance at 16:10. (Done)

9/22/2005 (Web Servers): We will be doing IP maintenance Friday 9/23 that may involve updating the IP for your web site. This may result in approx 30 minutes of downtime while we update DNS and your web server. All customers that could be affected by this change have been notified. (Done at 16:57.)

9/1/2005 (DNS Servers): We will upgrade hardware on one of our DNS servers later today at 17:30. The DNS server should not be down for more than 3 minutes. Other servers will not be affected. (Done)

8/10/2005 (ATT Backbone): An AT&T circuit was down this morning causing an outage for several sites. Email was not affected. We apologize for the inconvenience. It is up now and we are monitoring the circuit carefully for the rest of the day.

6/10/2005 (Residential Mail): One of our residential mail servers will get a hardware upgrade at 17:15. The upgrade is complete. If you are using the IP address to connect, please use instead.

4/26/2005 (GBLX Backbone): There is a problem on GBLX's circuit which is affecting several mail servers. Engineers are looking into it now. Update: up at 14:32.

2/28/2005 (SMTP): One of our SMTP servers will get a hardware upgrade at 15:35. ETR 15:49. (Done)

2/21/2005 (GBLX Backbone): On Mon 2/21/2005 between 1:00-4:00AM a router upgrade will occur. Impact: Customers on router will be down approx 30 min. Benefits: Increased network integrity and stability.

2/18/2005 (NY/NJ Dialups): Engineers this morning completed the equipment upgrade to our APC units at our NY/NJ POPs. We have monitored the equipment onsite and verified all is working as expected.

2/18/2005 (NY/NJ Dialups): Engineers will be performing maintenance on the APC units at our NY/NJ POPs on 2/18/05 at approximately 5:45 AM EST. Expected downtime will be about 20 minutes. Users will experience intermittent disconnects and busies during this maintenance.

2/10/2005 (Outgoing mail): One of our outgoing servers went down during daily maintenance this morning. We apologize for any inconvenience. (Fixed 8:48AM)

1/14/2005 (ATT Backbone): An AT&T T3 circuit is down in Newark, NJ. Several web sites are affected. Engineers from AT&T's T3 group are working on isolating the problem. No ETR yet. (Restored Sat 3:50PM)

1/12/2005 (Mail Servers): One mail server will go down while we swap in a new replacement server at 5:10PM. Total downtime will be less than 3 minutes. (Done)

12/30/2004 (Dialups): A problem is occurring that causes some users to get error 691 Access Denied when dialing up. Engineers are looking into this now. Update: Fixed 18:20 EST.

11/11/2004 (Mail Servers): If you leave mail on the server in addition to downloading it, you may see duplicate/old mail. This is temporary and helps ensure you get all your mail while we copy it from one part of the server to the other. We apologize for any inconvenience.

11/3/2004 (GBLX Backbone): GBLX will be reloading a router between 05:00-08:00AM GMT 10NOV2004. Possible network impact: 30 minute outage during that timeframe.

9/16/2004 (DNS): One of our DNS servers was a bit slow in responding to requests for around 10 minutes this morning, this should be fixed now.

7/21/2004 (Power Outage): Power went out for 5 minutes over the entire Parsippany area at 16:35. Our servers and routers remained running on battery backup.

6/15/2004 (Akamai): Akamai had a worldwide DNS outage today which affected many large sites, such as Yahoo, Microsoft, Fedex, Xerox, Apple, etc.

5/7/2004 (ATT Backbone): Update: ATT T1 circuit fully restored.

5/7/2004 (ATT Backbone): One of our ATT T1 circuits is down. You may see reduced site performance while the other T1s pick up the slack. ATT and Verizon are working on it.

4/20/2004 (Emerg Maint): Engineers are performing emergency routing maintenance to several of our East Coast POPs. This maintenance will be happening throughout the morning. Users may see some issues with authentication and routing. (fixed at 10:02)

4/10/2004 (Upcoming Backbone Maint): On Saturday, April 10, between 4-7AM ET, the GBLX backbone will be upgrading software. This maintenance will last 30 minutes. (done)

4/2/2004 (Backbone Maint): On Friday, April 2, between 5-11AM ET, the GBLX backbone will be moving circuits to a new fiber path. This will result in an increase in network integrity and circuit performance. The maintenance is expected to last 10 minutes. (Done)

2/6/2004 (Hardware): At 10:30 today we had a hardware problem which affected access to one of the mail servers. (Fixed)

2/3/2004 (Upcoming NJ Dialups): On Tuesday, February 3, 2004 7:30 AM EST, our provider will perform maintenance on our trunk groups which will cause users to experience busies. The maintenance is expected to last 10 - 15 minutes. (Done)

12/24/2003 (Backbone): Some locations in Taiwan and China are getting name server timeouts when sending to some of our mail servers. We're checking with our carrier about this. In the meantime, we have moved affected customers to a mail server on another carrier. (Fixed)

9/23/2003 (Backbone): Between 00:00 - 01:30 EDT 9/23/2003, GBLX will be adding a card to one of their routers. A few sites may see a 30 minute outage. Benefit: increased network integrity & circuit performance. (Done)

9/19/2003 (Power): We're only on half-power due to downed power lines in the area. Wind gusts were strong enough to blow down several trees in the area as well as power lines. Several servers are down and we're working to get power to them now. Update 10:52 - all power restored.

9/12/2003 (Backbone): Between 00:30 - 02:00 EDT 9/12/2003, GBLX will be upgrading router firmware. A few sites may see a 30 minute outage. Benefit: increased circuit reliability. (Done)

8/24/2003 (Backbone): Between 00:30 - 05:00 EDT 8/24/2003, GBLX will be doing router work. A few sites may see a 30 minute outage. The resultant routes will increase network integrity and circuit performance. (Done)

8/22/2003 (DB server): One of our DB servers undergoing emergency maintenance. (done)

8/15/2003 (Dialups): We're continuing to experience power problems affecting Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, amd Dayton, OH dialups. Possible ETR: 12:00PM. (Fixed)

8/14/2003 (Dialups): We are currently experiencing a loss of routing to our Ohio POPs due to a widespread power outage affecting a large part of the northeast ranging from Ohio to New York. Engineers are trying to restore power via backup generators at this time. Further updates will be posted here.

7/21/2003 (Dialups): Intermittent dialup routing problems resolved by GBLX.

7/14/2003 (Dialups): Some dialup customers are again having intermittent routing problems getting to our network due an errant GBLX router. Problem has been reported and we'll post here as further updates are received.

6/27/2003 (Dialups): Some dialup customers having intermittent routing problems getting to our network due an errant GBLX router. Problem has been reported and we'll post here as further updates are received.

5/30/2003 (MCI Backbone): Circuit stabilized. We will continue monitoring. Please let us know if you have problems.

5/29/2003 (MCI Backbone): We're still seeing some slow connects as everyone tries to get back in at once. We will continue monitoring the circuit.

5/29/2003 (MCI Backbone): Several customers are reporting a relapse. Looking into it now.

5/29/2003 (MCI Backbone): Everything's almost back to normal. The ticket will be left open with MCI/Worldcom for another day while we continue to monitor the circuit.

5/29/2003 (MCI Backbone): Experiencing packet loss on our MCI/Worldcom backbone this morning. Some mail and web servers affected. Updates will be posted as received.

5/27/2003 (South Jersey Dialups): Emergency maintenance will be performed from 3:00 - 6:00am EST 5/28/2003. Customers may experience intermittent outages for up to 10 minutes at a time, during that period. (Done)

5/19/2003 (Stats): Stats server down for maintenance. Up 17:55.

4/9/2003 (Philadelphia): We're experiencing a loss of routing and authentication to our Philadelphia site. Engineers are working to resolve the matter. Update: Resolved 12:12. Users will now be able to connect and route without any problems.

2/20/2003 (Dialups): Maintenance will be performed on our Jersey City, New York, Philadelphia, and South Jersey sites on 2003-02-25 02:00. Users will experience disconnects during this time but should establish a successful connection when they re-dial. (Done)

1/23/2003 (Web Servers): 64 sites will move to new servers tomorrow, and will receive new IPs. Old servers will automatically redirect to the new IPs while DNS propagates. (Done)

12/19/2002 (Philadelphia Dialup): Maintenance re-scheduled for 2:00AM Friday, December 20th. This maintenance is expected to last 30 minutes. Users may experience intermittent disconnects and busy signals during the maintenance window. (Done)

12/18/2002 (Philadelphia Dialup): Equip maintenance sched for 12:00PM - 4:00PM Thursday, December 19th.

10/29/2002 (Web Servers): Residential web server upgrade complete.

10/24/2002 (Web Servers): Residential web server upgrade re-scheduled for October 29.

10/3/2002 (UUNet): UUNet has router problems in NYC as well as other sites around the country. What this means is some sites and mail servers will appear to be down or very slow. UUNet's working on it. ETR: 15:00 (Fixed 14:49)

10/1/2002 (Frontpage): Frontpage servers will undergo maintenance this afternoon. Expected downtime less than 30 minutes. (Done)

9/26/2002 (NJ Dialups): Some customers experienced frequent drops yesterday afternoon, when dialing Morristown and Hackettstown. (Fixed) If you continue getting dropped, please contact support with: your username, how often the drop occurred, and your IP at time of drop.

9/4/2002 (Residential Mail Server): down. All other mail servers Up Working on the problem now. ETR: 30 minutes. (Fixed)

7/17/2002 (DNS): A few customers still use ancient, manually-assigned, DNS servers. For best performance, please make sure your DNS settings are automatically assigned.

6/14/2002 (Mail Servers): Completed routine maintenance on our residential mail server. (Done)

5/22/2002 (Philadelphia Dialup): Users dialing into our Philadelphia site may experience busies or operator messages. Our provider has isolated the problem and has begun to resolve the issue. (Fixed)

5/2/2002 (Web Servers): One of our web servers is scheduled for hardware maintenance this afternoon. Only a few sites will be affected. All affected customers have been notified. Downtime will be 15-20 minutes. (Done)

4/10/2002 (Outgoing Mail): Several dialup customers will get relay denied errors when sending mail. Will post here as soon as problem is resolved. (Fixed)

3/19/2002 (Outgoing Mail): Outgoing mail temporarily unavailable. (Fixed)

3/17/2002 (Frontpage Web Servers): One of our web servers is scheduled for hardware maintenance this morning. Only a few sites will be affected. A separate e-mail has been delivered to all affected web sites. Expected downtime is less than 20 minutes. (Done)

2/28/2002 (Residential Mail Server): Mail sending works fine, but some users won't be able to retrieve mail while we resolve e-mail delivery issue on the server. This will be fixed as soon as possible. (Fixed)

2/21/2002 (Hardware): Our SMTP authentication server will undergo routine maintenance this morning. (Done)

11/15/2001 (Hardware): Switch maintenance caused loss of connectivity to a few mail servers and sites this afternoon. Maintenance complete. (Done)

11/8/2001 (South Jersey): We are experiencing a loss of routing to our South Jersey site. This routing loss will affect user authentication and routing. (Fixed)

11/2/2001 (UUNet Backbone): On Fri, Nov 2nd, between 3-7am, the WorldCom (UUNET) backbone will perform maintenance activities, which may affect connectivity to some web sites. Connectivity will be restored, at latest, by 7am, and in most cases, by 6am. (Done)

10/29/2001 (NY/NJ Dialups): On Tues, Oct 30th, at 5:45AM CST, engineers will be working on re-routing New York City POPs. This re-route will improve latency and will have less points of failure than the existing route. The re-route is expected to last approx. 15 minutes, during which time users in New York and New Jersey may experience intermittent loss of routing and inability to authenticate. (Done)

10/17/2001 (Dialups): Routing loss in NY/NJ/CT area. Technicians dispatched to fix the problem. (Fixed)

10/10/2001 (Mail Servers): Residential mail servers will undergo maintenance this afternoon. Residential users please ensure your incoming mail server is Remember that your login information is case sensitive.

9/20/2001 (Dialups): Commercial power restored to our New York location thus bringing redundant power to this location. All equipment is up and functioning properly. If you have any further issues with NY/NJ/CT dialups, please contact support.

9/17/2001 (Dialups): NY/NJ service remains active, as users are able to dial-up and authenticate. The equipment remains on generator power -- therefore the loss of power to these sites is still possible. We will continue to monitor these sites, and post any updates as we receive them.

9/13/2001 (NYC Dialup): Engineers have been able to restore power to our New York dial equipment. Users will now be able to dial and authenticate to the New York access numbers. The equipment is still on generator power and therefore the loss of power to our equipment is still possible. We will post new information as available.

9/13/2001 (NYC Dialup): We have recently lost power to our New York dial equipment as the power constraints continue in that area. With the equipment offline users will experience busies and operator messages. Currently all other equipment remains on at this time.

9/12/2001 (NYC/NJ Dialups): Numbers in Northern NJ and NYC are down due to TELCO problems in NYC. The problem is related to the World Trade Center collapse. South Jersey numbers (area code 856) are available, but these are toll calls. Update: Lines are back up but you may get a busy signal as many people are trying to get in.

9/10/2001 (DNS Servers): If you're having trouble connecting to sites other than Yahoo or NetworkExpert, please check your DNS settings. They should be automatically assigned.


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